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2023 Miken Freak OG 13.5" 2pc Balanced USSSA Slowpitch : MSU3FKOGB


We are excited to be celebrating 25 years here at Miken Sports and with that we are celebrating that bat that got it all started. The original Miken Freak was the bat that changed the marketplace.   It was the markets first patented carbon fiber bat technology when everything else in the market was aluminum. The Miken Freak grew in popularity mostly due to the fact that carbon fiber bats performed better the more you used it.  The Freak generated un-matched trampoline effect which the traditional aluminum bats couldn’t keep up with and with that the market was changed forever.   Join us in celebrating 25 years of producing the best bats in the marketplace by honoring one of the OG’s with this cosmetic replica of the OG Miken Freak.    Made from Mikens patented C4 carbon fiber technology,  and featuring it’s F4P Handle technology, this bat will continue to launch softballs into orbit just like its original form did 25 years ago.



  • 13.5” Barrel with Balanced Player Weighting
  • Miken C4 Carbon Fiber Technology
  • F4P Handle Technology

2023 Miken Freak OG 13.5" 2pc Balanced USSSA Slowpitch : MSU3FKOGB

  • To purchase this bat shaved, please select "SHAVED/ROLLED/POLY" plus the desired final weight. If you are wanting a weight that isn't listed, please select "SHAVED/ROLLED/POLY- Custom Weight" and fill out a release form with desired final weight. 

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